My 10 Favourite Pictures in 2018

2018 was more or less a static year in my life. Highs included a Toronto weekend trip for my best friend Brit’s birthday (see posts here and here). There weren’t too many lows, however the job I moved to the Toronto area for fell through pretty quickly. I realized quite early on that I wasn’t the right fit for the job, and neither was the job the right fit for me. Still, that took me on a new path to Kitchener, ON, where I made new friends and found my way back to myself little by little.

Looking back on my adventures, I’ve selected my ten favourite pictures I took in 2018. The pictures are in chronological order!

April – Canada – Graffiti Alley, Toronto, Ontario

It was hard to choose one picture to represent my time in Toronto’s Graffiti Alley, but I opted for the horse. It’s a symbol of freedom in so many ways, and has always doubled as one of my favourite animals. Graffiti Alley offers the perfect blend of artists showcasing their art in a legalized section of the city; I’ve always disliked when graffiti is on historic buildings, but I love the creative expression of the artists.

April – Canada – Ripley’s Aquarium, Toronto, Ontario

Get ready for several jellyfish photos. These ethereal creatures were one of my favourite parts of Ripley’s aquarium in Toronto.

April – Canada – Ripley’s Aquarium, Toronto, Ontario

I loved everything about this jellyfish from its clear colour to the polkadot top.

April – Canada – Ripley’s Aquarium, Toronto, Ontario

Okay, I know you’re likely thinking another jellyfish? But hear me out, these guys are different. Unlike their floating brethren, this type of jellyfish lives its life on the bottom of the sea, getting its nutrients from the algae that lives among its “legs”.

June – Canada – Waterloo Pioneer Memorial Tower, Kitchener, Ontario

This tower was so much fun to visit because it truly felt like stepping back in time. We were the only ones there, so were able to walk around and take photos by ourselves. Plus, it’s located conveniently in the city, so you don’t have to travel far!

July – Canada – Family Cottage Trip, Quebec

It feels sort of strange to include pictures from this trip, as I didn’t blog about it, but I had to. This picture is my absolute favourite overall of 2018, as it just feels so peaceful. It transports me right back to that time with my family and I can feel the peace radiating from it.

July – Canada – Family Cottage Trip, Quebec

The perfect place to sit and wake up in the morning, or to watch the sun set in the evening. This tranquil stretch of sand and water was all ours, and it felt like heaven.

July – Canada – Family Cottage Trip, Quebec

To be honest, I can’t quite put my finger on what I like about this picture so much, but it may be the contrasting shallow water vs deeper water. I also just love swimming, so it could be that, too.

December – Canada – Toronto’s Christmas Market, Ontario

I snapped this picture while my sister and I waited in the long line to get into the Toronto Christmas Market. Even though our toes were cold, it was exciting to get a peek at what awaited us inside.

December – Canada – Toronto’s Christmas Market, Ontario

Over this pandemic, it’s meant barely getting to see my extended family. It’s been particularly hard on my grandmother and that breaks my heart. This picture, encompassing those people that you are either tied to by blood or bound yourself to through choice, is one that in actual 2018 I may not have chosen as one of my favourite pictures. Hold your loved ones close, and tell them how you feel about them as much as you can.

Do you have a set of favorite pictures each year?

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