Dreams of Smooth Sailing: Cruising Tips

Given that I’ve only been on one true cruise, I fall easily into ‘amateur hour’ in terms of cruising tips. Even so, I picked up a few tips I feel will be helpful to get a first-time cruiser off on the right foot. If you have dreams of exploring a floating city while traversing the ocean to distant destinations, you’re in the right place!


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Alight at Night, 2016 – The Glow of the Holiday Season

Pumpkinferno isn’t the only event located at Upper Canada Village. From early December to early January, the village is decked out in a magnificent display of Christmas lights! As a true Christmas lover, I had to see it firsthand.

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My 10 Favorite Pictures in 2016

2016 was a roller coaster of an emotional year for me. Highs included being part of my closest cousin’s wedding, attending the wedding of one of my closest friends, and traveling to Scotland, a place I’ve longed to go for years, and my 3rd (of 5) top countries I want to see. The biggest low was a devastating discovery, but more on that below.

As a celebration of 2016 being finished, I want to share with you my 10 favorite pictures I took in 2016 and the meaning behind each. The pictures are in chronological order.


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Pumpkinferno, 2016 – A Display of Brilliance

One of the best parts of living in Ottawa is that whenever family or friends visit, I have a multitude of sightseeing options to offer. Through this, I also tend to come across unique events I previously wasn’t aware of. Such is the case for Pumpkinferno.


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