Ottawa Events: Take Four

Since Ottawa is my permanent home base, I thought I would periodically include posts about the city and events within the city throughout my usual travel-related blog posts. Without further ado, here are several more things to see and do in Ottawa! 

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Lessons I Learned From my First 10 Countries

I’ve long believed travel to be one of the best instructors in life lessons. Whether positive or negative, different locations can leave a lasting impression and teach you something you might not have previously known, either about the destination or yourself. Here, in order of when I first visited them, are a few things I learned from the first ten countries I’ve traveled to.


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Harry Potter – The Wizarding World Park vs The Studio Tour

Having been lucky enough to experience both, which did I prefer and how – if money is no obstacle for you – do you decide which to prioritize?

2017 HP vs1

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Dreams of Smooth Sailing: Cruising Tips

Given that I’ve only been on one true cruise, I fall easily into ‘amateur hour’ in terms of cruising tips. Even so, I picked up a few tips I feel will be helpful to get a first-time cruiser off on the right foot. If you have dreams of exploring a floating city while traversing the ocean to distant destinations, you’re in the right place!


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