England, 2016 – Face to Face with a Mystery of History: Stonehenge

There’s a certain small, lingering fear I think a lot of people have when they travel – that iconic sites they’ve seen pictures of and have been dreaming of seeing in person for years won’t live up to the standard they’ve conjured in their minds. I was wary about seeing Stonehenge in person.


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England and Scotland, 2016 – An Intro

Two years ago, I had lucked out big time – my trip to South Africa had fulfilled a lifelong dream for me, and had even blown my overly high expectations out of the water. I fell deeply in love with that country, which was a great reward for pining after it for so many years. This year, I got the chance to experience for the first time another county of my dreams – Scotland.


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Hiking Pink Lake Trail in Gatineau Park

When hiking a prominent trail in Gatineau Park, an undeniable highlight of the area, the best thing is to be sick and sneezing constantly, right? Nope, definitely not, but that’s how I did it! My cousin Taylor was in town for the weekend, and I wasn’t about to let a brutally annoying cold stand in the way of our plans.


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Blue Mountain – The Perfect Bachelorette Getaway

My cousin Leah tied the knot early last month, but before she did, we had a girls’ getaway bachelorette weekend in Blue Mountain. I had heard a lot about Blue Mountain – it’s a particularly popular skiing destination in the winter – but had never been before. To my delight, Blue Mountain did not disappoint.


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