Edinburgh, 2016 – Day One: Discovering Multiple Histories

One of the best parts of basing ourselves in Stirling for the first half of our time in Scotland is that it meant easy access to several locations we were interested in taking day trips to. Up first: Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city.


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From England to Scotland: The First Step to the Next Adventure

The day after our crazy day of the Harry Potter studio tour and sightseeing through downtown London was Carly’s wedding. The weather was fabulous, the ceremony was lovely, and the reception was a blast. It was hard to believe as we woke up on July 31 that our time in England had already come to a close, but it was hard to be too upset as we were setting out on our next adventure!


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England, 2016 – Exploring London

Confession alert: I have never had an overwhelming urge to visit London. Sure, there’s tons of history there, but the city itself never really appealed to me. I knew I’d get there one day, but my expectations of how I’d feel about it were set pretty low. Did they change after visiting? Not entirely, but I did enjoy myself more than I thought.


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The Magic Behind Harry Potter: The Warner Brothers Studio Tour

When planning our day spent sight-seeing, we each were given the chance to chime in with something we wanted to see. My mom chose The Tower of London, my friend Alex chose the London Eye, and my sister Jen and friend Sylvan didn’t have any preference. For me, I knew there was one place I had to go, even if no one else wanted to – The Warner Brothers Studio Tour.


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England, 2016 – Face to Face with a Mystery of History: Stonehenge

There’s a certain small, lingering fear I think a lot of people have when they travel – that iconic sites they’ve seen pictures of and have been dreaming of seeing in person for years won’t live up to the standard they’ve conjured in their minds. I was wary about seeing Stonehenge in person.


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