Miracle in the Distillery District – Toronto’s Christmas Market

Where do you go to experience a Christmas market when you live in Southern Ontario? Look no further than Toronto.

Located in the historic distillery district, it’s an annual event filled with vendors, great food and drink, restaurants, and of course, that special Christmas atmosphere. It even has a giant Ferris wheel for those willing to brave the chill air. If you’re looking to visit, bundle yourself up because this market runs from mid-November to near the end of December.

My sister and I went very close to Christmas, so the temperatures were freezing. There is hot chocolate and hot cider to purchase, but nothing seemed to warm our toes. While it was magical to go that close to the holiday, I think if I were to go again, it would be during a slightly warmer time.

One of the coolest things was that some shops and galleries in the area stayed open late. These vendors had items for purchase, or you could simply look around and warm yourself. Others were set up as booths along the walkways, selling ornaments and other Christmas themed items.

I have yet to experience a German Christmas market, but this one just made me even more excited to. The soft lights illuminating Christmas-decorated pathways felt magical, and the hustle and bustle of the crowd felt invigorating rather than nerve-wracking.

One thing I will say is I didn’t find the market to be very large and we covered the area fairly quickly. Still, I’d say it’s definitely worth at least one visit, especially if you plan to partake in the activities and shops.

Throughout the entire market, there are photo op spots, although they tended to be pretty crowded. I have a feeling that was largely due to us being there so close to Christmas Day with all the other procrastinating stragglers. Even so, just reading the signs posted around or the Christmas-themed names of the bars and restaurants gave us a good laugh.

I don’t know that I’ll be back to the Christmas market any time soon, as once really feels like I saw what I wanted and needed to see out of it. For those looking to go this year, you’re in luck! After a 2020 hiatus due to the pandemic, the market is officially set to return this year. Get out your Santa hats and fuzzy sweaters and go be merry!

Have you experienced the Toronto Christmas market? Or better yet, one somewhere like Germany?

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