Elora Gorge – A Scenic Hike

Looking to escape the mild hustle and bustle of the Kitchener/Waterloo area? Look no further than the extremely scenic Elora Gorge!

Located along the Grand River, Elora Gorge is home to some of the prettiest hiking trails in the area. Trees line the wooded path that winds past scenic lookouts that overlook the rushing water below.

From these spots, you’ll be privy to spying on those below you – just kidding… well, sort of. These little sneak peeks keep the water close at hand, and show you just what you’ll be able to do when you reach the bottom. Along with walking along the visible rocks, there are options for canoeing, kayaking, and even tubing the river, though all of those come with strict rules and guidelines.

It’s also a great walking trail for dogs!

After all the scenic lookout spots and a bridge to cross the river, you’ll eventually meander down to the area where you can step on the rocks. You’ll definitely need to be careful, as you can easily slip into the rushing water.

While we were down there, I happened to get a slow mo video where a fish jumped upstream. Other than birds and squirrels, it was the only wildlife we saw during our trek, but it made for an interesting shot!

The Elora Gorge is open for access from May through October, and for the day hiking it costs $7.50/person (2021 fee). In addition to the day water activities, you can also arrange to camp there. I have yet to return and try any of the other activities, but I must admit the thought of tubing down the river is exhilarating.

I’ve also seen pictures of married couples in their wedding attire standing on the rocks, so if that is of interest to you, you can arrange that.

The trails are very manageable to walk, though there are a few steeper inclines. I’m not in the best shape but I managed not to pant too hard.

All in all, with being located in Elora, 30 minutes from Kitchener/Waterloo, it makes for an easy drive to get a healthy dose of natural beauty. In a world that seems to become more concrete jungle each day, these little snippets of untamed wildlife always manage to capture my heart.

Have you been to Elora Gorge? Have you ever caught a wild animal in slow mo?

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