Ottawa Events: Pub Edition I

Since Ottawa is my permanent home base, I thought I would periodically include posts about the city and events within the city throughout my usual travel-related blog posts. Without further ado, here are my thoughts on a few of the pubs I’ve been to in Ottawa since moving here! 

Please note: I am not affiliated with any of these restaurants or pubs and no one has paid me to write this post. My opinions about these places are just to be helpful for visitors to the Ottawa area! Should I ever become affiliated with a company or product and write a post or review for them, I will always make that clear.

I’m not a foodie by any stretch of the imagination, but I have been to many restaurants and pubs within Ottawa. My cousin and I get together for dinner once a month and we try to pick different places. Due to that, I’m anticipating having several posts about places I’ve eaten around Ottawa. It might help you one day if you choose to visit!

I thought I’d start things off with my of my Go-To pubs in Ottawa.

Royal Oak

If you walk for a long enough time in downtown Ottawa, you’ll likely come across a Royal Oak pub. I’m not exaggerating when I say they occur with startlingly frequency. In fact, when I attempted to meet up with some friends for dinner recently, I ended up going to the wrong Royal Oak.

Royal Oak has great food at a reasonable cost, and they frequently have deals or specials.

Food of choice: Westminster Club

Clocktower Pub

The Clocktower Pub is a staple in Ottawa’s Byward Market, and I’ve been there a handful of times. If you’re going on a busy day, you’re best to try to make a reservation, as it always seems to be a pretty populous place.

The Clocktower Pub has a few tasty beer options, and I would recommend the Red if asked. The location is great for summer, as walking around the Byward Market is one of the great selling points for Ottawa.

Food of choice: Fish-N-Chips

The Fox & the Feather

Another great choice for a meet up with friends, The Fox & the Feather is located in downtown Ottawa.

Food of choice: Clubhouse or Cheeseburger

Fat Albert’s

This is one of my all-time favorite Go-To places to eat in Ottawa. Fat Albert’s menu is fairly expansive (the menu link on their website is deceptive) and the prices are unbeatable. Better yet, the quality of food is still up to snuff and far better than what you’d expect for what you pay.

If you’re really into sports, you’re in luck, because Fat Albert’s is directly connected to a sports bar. If you want to have a meal out somewhere that tastes decent and won’t break the bank, this is a good place for you.

Food of choice: Chicken Wrap or just about any of their Hot Subs. Brit would recommend Ribs.

Pub 101

Pub 101 is another great budget pub nestled in the Byward Market. All food and drink items are $5.01, which leads to a cheap but tasty meal.

I was really excited when I was first introduced to this pub, since it offers good portions for an unbelievable price. If you had been before and didn’t like it, try again. Apparently it came under new management somewhat recently and I definitely wouldn’t call it a ‘dive’, as it had been labelled before.

Food of choice: BLT


This concludes Pub Edition I. If you liked it, never fear, I have more pub-related options coming soon!

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