A Fling with Montreal & A (Ridiculously) Fun Photo Shoot

In May of 2014, I met up with my uncle and two cousins in Montreal for a quick weekend getaway. I had a pretty major trip right around the corner (posts coming soon!), but I was eager to show support for my cousin and his football team.

Although my football-playing cousin was busy, the rest of us spent a few hours exploring Mount Royal, the fabulous park which boasts a bird’s eye view of the city.


There’s a bit of an uphill walk to get to the lookout from the parking area, but I promise you it’s worth it.





The lookout has been around since 1906, and it’s a great place to spend some time, particularly if you need to recover from the walk up.




For my uncle, (other) cousin, and I, we spent a half hour or so before we had to leave for my cousin’s football game. Along the way we took a quick detour through downtown Montreal.

2014 Mtl & Photo Shoot

2014 Mtl & Photo Shoot1

Montreal is a city that – aside from this quick two night jaunt – I have only ever driven through. It’s really a shame because it’s quite a lovely city, rich in history and culture. Now that I live only 2 hours away, I plan to try to make it there more frequently. With any luck, this fall might present an opportunity or two!

In early June, I came across a Buzzfeed post that Brit & I had a really good laugh over. We decided to have our own, and set out to the park to recreate the pictures we were able to.







We had plenty of fails along the way…





… but in the end we had a few we really loved.





We did this originally as a joke, but we ended up having a really good time laughing at ourselves – particularly during our failed jump pictures. If you have a camera and don’t mind looking like a bit of a fool to get some cute snaps, this could be a fun thing to try.

Have you ever been to Montreal? Have you ever had a staged photo shoot with friends? 

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