Alight at Night, 2016 – The Glow of the Holiday Season

Pumpkinferno isn’t the only event located at Upper Canada Village. From early December to early January, the village is decked out in a magnificent display of Christmas lights! As a true Christmas lover, I had to see it firsthand.

For the past 16 years, Alight at Night has been dazzling patrons. The display consists of roughly 1 million lights, giving the village a peaceful glow and projecting the overall warmth of the holiday season. The village felt mildly crowded, and given how cold it was the night we went, that was a true mark of how amazing and popular the event is.

Along with purchasing hot chocolate from the adorable gingerbread-bedecked house, you can ride along in a horse carriage, hop on an old-fashioned train ride, brave the old-school fast-paced Ferris wheel, or endeavor to escape from the ice block maze. It was far too cold to want to risk the wind with any of the rides, so instead we slipped and slid through the ice maze.

It was so cold out that I barely took any pictures, but in a way, that was almost better. It’s truly an event best experience in person, after all. It took patience to capture pictures with few people in them, but the chilly wait was well worth the end result.

I still have yet to visit Upper Canada Village as it normally is, but based on Pumpkinferno and Alight at Night, I know I can’t go wrong!

Are you a holiday season fan? 

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