Vegas, 2010: Part III – A Disappointing Turn of Events

From the moment we planned our trip, we knew we wanted to experience the extensive Vegas club scene. What better way to do that than having a bar-hopping club tour? Turned out the joke was on us.


Our bar tour was supposed to take us to three different clubs, allowing us to have an hour or so at each before moving on. The morning of the tour, however, Brit received a message saying not enough people had signed up for it, so it was cancelled. This was obviously frustrating to us, but we figured while we were out in the day, we would just accept an invite to a club via one of the promoters. After all, we had had cards shoved into our faces our first two days, why not today? We didn’t see a single one.

Now, we could have just gotten dressed up, done a bit of research and picked a place, but by that time we were feeling pretty dejected. We began calling around to try to get tickets to different shows. The Blue Man Group was playing, and we were shocked there were still two front row seats available. We almost snagged them, until the lady told us to bring a poncho because of paint splatter. No thanks. We tried Mystère, the Cirque du Soleil show playing in our hotel, but they had no showings on Fridays. Finally, we lucked out and got tickets to see . More on that later.


We had a relaxing morning by the pool, followed by us splitting up for a bit. Brit, who is obsessed with CSI went to MGM to do a CSI Investigation experience. She got to go into a fake crime scene and make notes about the evidence and try to solve the mystery. She absolutely loved every second of it, and was wishing she could have tried the other scenarios also.

While Brit was doing that, I made my way into New York, New York and rode the rollercoaster. In my opinion, it’s not overly worth it. I guess it was cool for a one-time type of thing, but my glasses nearly fell off and it wasn’t exciting enough to merit the ticket fee.


Once we had met up again, we made our way over to Caesar’s Palace. The forum shops were next level expensive, but it was entertaining to window shop and check them out on the long walk to the Fall of Atlantis, the talking statues.

We had also been advised to check out the stunning flower garden at the Wynn. Well, we made it close to the flowers, but we didn’t quite get there. When you enter the lobby, there are already stunning flowers everywhere. After admiring them, we looked for the entrance for the flower garden. It turns out it’s down an escalator and completely hidden from view with no signage to guide you. From where we were standing, the escalator looked like a private, guests-only area, so we didn’t bother going down. My advice for future flower enthusiasts? Look everywhere.


KÀ turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip. The traveling Cirque shows are all impressive, of course, but ones that are based on the Strip are able to have extensive set pieces the traveling ones just can’t. Two of the most impressive moments of KÀ involved two characters flying on a giant bird, and also an energetic fight scene taking place on a giant rotating wooden square that had been raised to stand vertical and was spinning around. The performers had to hold on to the pegs and swing around while still performing the scene.

Our last night ended pretty quietly as well. We gambled for awhile back at Treasure Island, where I ended up $40, and then headed to bed. Our flight left in the late morning the next day, so we had one more morning of breakfast and relaxation near the pool before jetting off home.


As I had mentioned in the previous post, my camera battery had died by this point, so all the pictures in this post are from the previous two days.

Have you experienced a disappointing moment while traveling? 

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