Nova Scotia: A Foreword to Family Fun

Moment of truth – this post is almost solely because I had a few pictures I wanted to share of our drive between Antigonish and New Waterford that unfortunately do not fit naturally into one of my already-planned posts. The drive was just so stunningly beautiful that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share some pictures!


In 2008 I found myself in Nova Scotia for a family reunion. My aunt and uncle lived out east for a few years, and decided that before they returned to Ontario, they would host a reunion there. It made for a long drive to reach our destination, but the journey was worth it.

Since we all drove out east, we were able to carpool around and see several locations we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. With four vehicles in the caravan and walkie talkies to communicate with each other, the drives alone were both scenic and entertaining.


Plus, check out the view at this scenic lookout!



It was completely stunning. Even so, you didn’t even have to be stopped to appreciate the vistas as you drove past.


I am really looking forward to posting about our trip, because – to this day – it is still in the top 3 of my favorite family vacations. We toured historical sites, drove along one of the most famous Canadian trails, and even hopped on a boat for some special sightings.

There is one last thing I couldn’t resist posting about from our drive between cities. In Sydney, there exists a giant fiddle, which is considered to be a hot spot. This 60 ft high Big Fiddle was super impressive and played beautiful music continuously, much to the delight of everyone except Grandma. I would go so far as to say it’s worth at least one visit!

1 - Antigonish to New Waterford

Stay tuned for more posts from Nova Scotia!

Have you ever been to the Big Fiddle?

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