10 Favorite Trip-Related Revelations

With an unquenchable sense of wanderlust, my travel bucket list has only grown. While it is true that I haven’t been many places yet, there are several places I need to go – and soon. Since I can’t make it to any of those places yet, I thought I would start off 2015 by making a list of 10 of my favorite things related to trips I have taken thus far in my life. The destinations may not all be grand, but these are all aspects I have treasured. In no particular order:

The Family/Friends I Have Traveled With (Various Locations):


So many of the wonderful times I have had on my various trips have been thanks to the people I have traveled with. They make it easy to relax and have fun, no matter what we’re doing! It segues nicely into my next favorite:

The Local People I Have Met (Various Locations):

In Vegas, a bartender gave me a free shot because it was close to my birthday. At Disney World, a ride full of strangers sang Happy Birthday to me. In Florence, a couple of people attempted to give my friend and I directions. In South Africa, children offered to share everything from their own snacks to the chairs they sat on. This list could continue on, but needless to say, no matter where I have been, I have encountered great people in my travels.

The Sunsets of Africa (St. Lucia, South Africa):


There is nowhere I have been where I have seen a more beautiful sunset than in South Africa. My pictures cannot even begin to do it justice.

Driving Along the Cabot Trail (Nova Scotia, Canada):

While out east for a family reunion, we took a day trip along the Cabot Trail. The only other time I was out there, I was too young to appreciate the Trail for what it is; a breath-taking, winding road that gives you remarkable views and hidden treasures along the way. It was improved only by the fact that I was with family.

Getting Chills in the Colosseum (Rome, Italy):

I have always been a lover of history, and as far as I’m concerned, the older the better. When I had the chance to visit the Colosseum on a school trip in 2006, I found I couldn’t get rid of the goosebumps that covered my arms. The feeling of walking in such an historically important location, where countless people had walked before me left me feeling almost breathless.

Flying Above the Clouds (Various Locations):


No matter where I am flying, I find the view from up top to be incredibly calming. There is a certain peace I feel only while looking out a plane window.

The Chance to Try New Things (Various Locations):

Before going to South Africa, touching a crocodile was never on my list of things I intended to do in life. That was just one of the many examples of times where I have been pleasantly surprised and excited about doing something that I never guessed I would do. It goes to show you that being adventurous can pay off in ways you never even imagined.

Seeing the Light Show in Old Vegas (Las Vegas, USA):

When I went to Vegas with one of my closest friends, we were lucky enough to see The Doors light show over Old Vegas. If you have yet to go to Vegas, I highly recommend the light show. It was incredibly cool and very well done.

Going to Disney World (Florida, USA):


For whatever reason (and even though I have been too many times to count), there is something truly magical (sorry) that I experience when I go to Disney World. I absolutely love it there, and I always have such a good time.

The Feeling I Get When I Travel (Various Locations):

I have always loved traveling, but it wasn’t until my recent trip to South Africa that my wanderlust exploded. Now I find myself constantly daydreaming and planning trips that I may not get to take for years to come. In fact, my next faraway trip isn’t until November, and it isn’t even out of my geographical location (North America). Still, there is something that keeps me wanting to go, and I really think it’s the feeling I get when I travel…. The one where you find yourself taking a deep breath and knowing you’re here, you’re in this. It’s like an addiction, and I am already longing for my next fix. I felt it more than ever in South Africa, and now I know I will spend the rest of my life chasing it whenever (and wherever) I can.

Even though I do not travel full-time and I don’t get a chance to go to as many destinations as often as other people, I plan to write flashback trip posts in between my adventures. One day maybe I will take a huge chunk of time off and go backpack somewhere, but that time is unfortunately not now.

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