Cobourg, 2013 – A Little Slice of Harbourfront Heaven

If I’m being honest, I wasn’t expecting much from a quick family weekend in Cobourg. My aunt and uncle had recently moved there, and it was the perfect time to visit them at their new place and also check out the little town.

2013 Cobourg

The area of Cobourg was settled in about 1800, and even today the population hovers just below 20,000. The downtown area is exactly as quaint as you’d imagine it would be, and makes a perfect location for an afternoon stroll. In full honesty, I didn’t find it particularly wow-worthy.

What I did find wow-worthy, however, was Cobourg’s harborfront and beach area.






We were there in October, so I avoided dipping even a toe in the cold Lake Ontario water, but I could have easily stood on this beach for hours without being bored.

2013 Cobourg1

2013 Cobourg2




Be sure to breathe deeply as you walk along; Cobourg is known for its high air quality. Plus, it makes a pretty good scenic backdrop for a mini photo shoot.





This was a very short visit, and we really only spent one day out on the town, so if you’re ever in the area, check out some suggested to-dos here. It’s a good place for a one-time weekend getaway, but I doubt I’ll be returning – particularly since my aunt & uncle have already moved from there. Still, every once in awhile I look back at the pictures of the beach and harbour area and can’t help but smile for having been there.



Have you been to Cobourg? Has one specific location ever made an otherwise unexciting town better?

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