Blowing Rock, NC: Part III – A Surreal Painting

If I’m being completely honest, Blowing Rock blew me away! (I’ll see myself out now) In all seriousness, though, the views were stunning. I would put it on a Must-See list for sure.


For clarity purposes, whenever I say Blowing Rock in this post, I mean the attraction – “The Blowing Rock” – not the city Blowing Rock. Other than driving through it to get to the attraction, I don’t recall spending much time in the city itself.




Admission is $7, and I’m here to tell you I found it worth it. The entire trail may take less than 30 minutes’ walk from one end to the other, but we still managed to spend plenty of time there. Blowing Rock is wheelchair accessible, and is also pet friendly, provided they remain on a leash.



I’m all for safety first, but I’m also all for unspoiled views. Blowing Rock was easily accessible, and as long as you were careful, there was no reason you couldn’t climb up the rock itself. If you felt so inclined, you could even drop a coin or other lightweight object over and watch it return.

Even if that wasn’t your cup of tea, just staring out at the view was reason enough to visit.





North Carolina is one of my top 3 favorite states, and Blowing Rock has the perfect vantage point. It also happens to have an interesting mythology behind it in that two people from rival clans fell in love, and in Romeo and Juliet style, the man leapt from the top of Blowing Rock because he couldn’t choose between his love and his tribe. The legend goes that he was safely returned to his love after she pleaded for his life.






Blowing Rock also boasts a platform to offer visitors an uninterrupted view.





It was incredibly challenging to say farewell to the views of Blowing Rock. Unlike Linville Falls, I’m sure when I get the chance to visit North Carolina again, I will be making a return trip to Blowing Rock. How can you pass up a view where the mountains are more like a painting than reality?




Have you been to Blowing Rock? Do you think the mountains seem painted?

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