Treetop Adventures, 2012 – Look Out, Tarzan

I can’t say for sure when I began to seek out more thrilling adventures, but at some point that switch was flipped on inside me. I remember searching for fun things to do in my small home town for Carly & T’s visit and coming across Treetop Adventures, a few hours of safe but exciting climbing through trees and zooming down zip lines.

Tarzan, eat your heart out.


These five ladies are some of my favorite people in the world, so I knew we were about to have a great day. It stared off with some fun group shots both in and out of our gear….




Followed by some training and tests to make sure we were as up to snuff on safety procedures as the equipment was. The training and tests included knowing where on your own line to hold, how to change from one line to the next (which involved unhooking one clip from the old line, clipping it to the new one, and then following suit with the second clip), what to do should you fall off, and leaning back to give your full weight to your harness while balancing on a log.



We essentially traveled in twos, since there were six of us, with my sister Jen and I leading the way.



2012 Treetop Adventures

There were three separate areas we completed, which meant that we had to climb up and down three different times for each set. No two obstacle crossings were the same, and some were quite nerve-wracking as they would swing out once you put some weight on them.




2012 Treetop Adventures1

The tire swings were easily the hardest, because those suckers do not stay in place. Other than that, things were varying degrees of difficult, but all were fun.






Once we finished the last challenge – the Tarzan rope swing – Alex, Brit and I did the big zip line down. It was a lot of fun, but I can’t say I would recommend the zip line at the Treetop Adventures we were at. It has enough of a kickback at the bottom that my neck was still sore two days later. They also didn’t allow Alex to wear her prescription glasses down, so she had to go down without being able to see clearly. Considering those were the two biggest contentions, we still enjoyed ourselves.


None of us had ever done anything like this before, and I recommend it if you get the chance. It’s a different way to pass a fun day!

Have you done something like this? If so, where?

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