Frankenmuth, 2011: Part III – Awe for Silent Night Chapel

The final morning, we sadly parted ways. Before mom and I drove back, we paid a visit to the Silent Night Chapel near Bronner’s. The chapel located in Frankenmuth is a replica of the original chapel, located in Austria. The original chapel is known for being the first place the Silent Night carol was sung, thus the replica chapel’s name.


This probably seems a ridiculous reason, but since Silent Night is my favorite Christmas carol, I was really excited to check out the chapel.





Silent Night Chapel

From the moment we could see the signs with languages, I was fighting tears. I naturally happen to cry at just about anything, and since I get it from my mom, the two of us walked around with eyes burning. It was particularly difficult not to full out cry, as being in the chapel was incredibly moving.

Silent Night Chapel2


Silent Night Chapel3



The peace we felt in the chapel made all our troubles fade away, and I could have stayed there for hours. I’m not even religious. If you ever get the chance, I highly suggest going to see it.


Silent Night Chapel4

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

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