Chicago, USA: Part II – Heights and Hearts

Our second to last full day in Chicago was mostly taken up by the official ceremony, but in the morning we had a special outing planned. The cousins on the trip headed out to experience the Sears Tower.

Picture 156

Now, before I get corrected by anyone, I know the tower is actually the Willis Tower, but it is still commonly referred to as the Sears Tower, and that was still the name it went by when I visited in 2006. The 110- story building began as an office complex, but now boasts both the Skydeck and The Ledge – a glass box extended from the building. If you are feeling brave, it could probably be a bit of an adrenaline rush!

Since it wasn’t open when we were there, we had to satisfy ourselves with only staying on non-glass floor. Given the view, it wasn’t the worst thing in the world.

Picture 159

Picture 162

Picture 163

While it wasn’t the clearest of mornings, it was still incredible how much and how far we could see. Even more important than that was spending time with my cousins (and sister). It was a really fun morning and one my favorite experiences of the trip.

Picture 167

Picture 169

Picture 187

The ceremony itself was a very formal event with dinner included and we all dressed up fancy for it. The last day of our trip, however, opened my eyes to the best program the Loyal Order of the Moose has created.

Welcome to Mooseheart.

Picture 216

Mooseheart is located just outside of Chicago, and is a community created for children and teens in need. At Mooseheart, they are able to receive the proper care that has been missing in their lives, and they receive a proper education, tools for creating a better future, and the chance to build social skills.


Picture 221

Picture 226

Not to mention, I could have hung out with the beautiful horses forever. I mean, come on, they trotted right over to us and were incredibly friendly!

Picture 232

Picture 234

Picture 235

Picture 239

Mooseheart was a pleasant surprise, and it makes me happy to know that there is a place for qualifying children to go when they are in a bad situation. If you know someone who might qualify, you can check out the application on their website I linked above.

My brief trip to Chicago was a ton of fun, but in retrospect I wish I could have had more of a chance to see the city. I guess on the bright side, it just means I have an excellent reason to return!

Have you been to Chicago? If so, what was your #1 Can’t-Miss-It spot?

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